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Angela Allensworth asked on November 6, 2023 17:03

How can I share content on more than one web page in Kentico 13?

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 6, 2023 17:28

The combination of strongly typed content (page types) and widgets is a great start. A good example would be wanting to show the top 4 news articles on the home page. Under your /News section of your site you have news articles. The News page displays 20 news articles at a time, with a button to progressivly load more.

On the home page a widget is created that allows the editor to

  • select where the news items are located (path in the content tree),
  • enter how many items they want returned (number),
  • 2 properties to generate a link to "view all" news items

Once the widget is placed on the property, it grabs those 4 items and places a "view all" link at the bottom of the list that links to the /news page.

There are other ways to do this as well but this is a simple, commmon approach.

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Angela Allensworth answered on November 6, 2023 18:41

Okay, thank you Brenden!
Is this possible to do bewteen subdomains? For example we are all under the TAMU domain, but we have a FERPA page for our One Stop Shop and our Registrar site. I am thinking, yes, it is... We will play around with that...

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