Set capacity on number of form submissions

Michael Owen asked on July 6, 2015 06:43

I have created a registration form and only want the field FirstName to appear if the number of form registrants is equal to or less than 50.

I have entered this into the visibility condition for this field: SampleFormID.Value<="50".

However this doesn't appear to work as SampleFormID is always 0 until the form is submitted. How else can I use the visibility condition to retrieve the ID value of the last registrant or retrieve number of entries in the Recorded Data table for that form?

I have checked that SameplFormID field is ticked for 'has depending fields' and that field 'FirstName' is ticked for 'depends on another field'.

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 6, 2015 06:48

I think you can use something like this SiteObjects.Forms.YourSiteName_YourFormaName.Items.Count

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Michael Owen answered on July 6, 2015 07:03

Thanks this worked for me:


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