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merav tg asked on May 1, 2016 17:03


I would like to automatically generate dynamic meta tags for every new category/article/product added in Kentico. There should also be an option to manually override them. I used macros to create dynamic tags and it works just fine but I ran into some issues with the "inherit" option in the metadata section. For example if I set the dynamic meta tags for categories in its parent page (Products), the categories will indeed inherit the tags but the new products added will inherit as well. Is there a way to automatically generate tags for each page types (Category/Article/Product) with an option to override them and using Kentico built-in capabilities?

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 2, 2016 04:23

I typically use the Head HTML webpart and set those values. Just make sure they aren't set from the parent level and you're set.

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