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Kentico User asked on June 23, 2016 18:15


When we say an issue of a dynamic newsletter, we are saying that an email has been sent out, correct? I just want to understand that an issue is an email of a dynamic newsletter.

Is this the right API to send a dynamic newsletter as an email via the API?

What if I want to send a dynamic newsletter or an issue of a dynamic newsletter to a single user and not to everyone in the subscriber list? Would I use this method?

The above is what I want to do. To send an email of a dynamic newsletter using the API to an email address who may not be a subscriber in the system.

I am simply trying to wrap my head around the terminology.

Thank you,

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Rui Wang answered on June 23, 2016 21:07

Hi, what you are trying to do is similar to sending a draft version of the email to an email address which is not a subscriber. What you found is correct.

Also, you can checkout the code we have for the SendDraft in your code file: \CMS\CMSModules\Newsletters\Tools\Newsletters\Newsletter_Issue_SendDraft.aspx.cs and you will see how it's been called.

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