Second domain to point/redirect to directory of root domain

Luke Hook asked on June 5, 2018 12:41

Hi there,

We have a solution at the moment running on what we are aiming to do is use a second domain for a promotion and have that domain redirect to a page within the above root domain.

So: redirects to

Where domain1example is hosting our kentico solution. The promotion URL needs to redirect to that page and that page only.

Could someone please advise as to if and how this is possible?

Thanks, Luke

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on June 5, 2018 13:54

  1. In the Kentico Client portal, request a domain alias license key for
  2. Add the license key to Kentico
  3. In Sites, select the site and add 2 domain aliases to it.
  4. In the new dialog add and set the redirect to
  5. The second alias should have and redirect to

The above is assuming you do not use WWW in front of your domain. If you use WWW in front of your domain add it to the redirect domain.

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Luke Hook answered on June 5, 2018 14:55

That's great thank you very much for your help once again Brenden

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