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Sylvain C. asked on March 5, 2020 22:50


I have a lot of pages that I used for data storage which are of "Container" or "Pages" data types. These pages are then used by my code to be displayed within other pages which are "Content-Only pages". Since these pages do not have a URL pattern, what will be the URL returned by the smart search? Will it be their position in the tree? If yes, how can I manage their URL as it does not correspond to any routes/controllers in my code?

Thank you S.

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 6, 2020 15:49

Technically speaking you should not include those in your search index. There's no way to navigate to those pages directly so they should not be included.

If you must, you may set up a custom transformation method to get the parent "page" and use that URL to render on the page.

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