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web dev asked on April 3, 2018 18:21

hello friends i have a problem in smart search box i use one in master page and its ok ,in home page i use another smart search box and its not working when i click in search the url be like that even if i set Search results page URL "/?p%24lt%24ctl03%24pageplaceholder%24p%24lt%24ctl11%24SmartSearchBox%24txtWord_exWatermark_ClientState=&p%24lt%24ctl03%24pageplaceholder%24p%24lt%24ctl11%24SmartSearchBox%24txtWord=test&p%24lt%24ctl03%24pageplaceholder%24p%24lt%24ctl11%24SmartSearchBox%24btnImageButton.x=39&p%24lt%24ctl03%24pageplaceholder%24p%24lt%24ctl11%24SmartSearchBox%24btnImageButton.y=20" any idea about this broblem or shoudnt use multiple smart search box thanks for help

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 3, 2018 19:41

Smart Search Boxes can perfectly co-exists. There is something about your settings and the way it is confgired. I suggest to disable home page smart search box, add a new one with default settings, define Search URL and start testing. Copy settings (one by one) from existing smart search box (not working one) to the test one and do testing.

P.S. Probably your Search results page URL of web part is not set correctly. By default it is ~/SpecialPages/Search.aspx. It points to URL of the page where the search results are displayed. This page must contain either the Smart search results or Smart search dialog with results web part. If empty, the current page is used.

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web dev answered on April 4, 2018 11:17 (last edited on April 4, 2018 11:18)

hi Peter Mogilnitski thanks for your reply i follow your solution and after adding new one nothing happen the search button its not working and i disable the old smart search box i think there is some thing in setting of kentico not in smart search box web part

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 5, 2018 15:28

There are no settings for that. Smart search box is a web part. The other way to see what might've been done wrong is to check web Kentico site examples (like corporate site/dancing goat/e-commerce etc.) they come with Kentico installation. They all have smart search done in different ways. I tried corporate site and put smart search box to a page and I already have one on master. They both are working fine. It might not be the problem with smart search box, it might problem with the page it is on. Create a brand new empty page put smart search box there and see if it is working.

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