Scheduler: Request Range Not Satisfiable

Anton Grekhovodov asked on October 6, 2017 12:12

Hi all!
I've been watching a weird exception in Event log for last days Image Text I've tried to find a reason, but no luck.
I know that tasks can be run on request by the Kentico web application itself or by windows service. So tasks, are executed by web application, aren't executed at all.
Could anyone explain why it happens and how to resolve it?

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 6, 2017 14:48

Do you have the main domain in the sites domain box? If so is it just the domain or do you have HTTP(s) or anything like that in there? The value should be something like or

Secondly, what do you have for domain aliases? Is it possible that your aliases are being called an don't have a proper DNS entry setup or maybe those aliases are setup like I first mentioned?

Lastly and probably more important, do you have the scheduler running custom code? If so, have you attempted to put in some event logging to give you more info into the scheduled task?

I'm not 100% any of these will help resolve the problem, but these are things I've had issues with the scheduling engine in the past so figured I'd pass along.

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Anton Grekhovodov answered on October 6, 2017 16:09

Hi Brenden!
Thanks for your reply. The settings for domain are correct and I don't use HTTPS for my site. The site worked fine about a week ago. But some days ago I noticed that some Kentico tasks aren't executed. All custom tasks are executed correctly by Windows Service. Unfortunataly, some tasks do not have a checkbox 'Use external service' in settings, so it's impossible to run them by windows service. But maybe I can just update that scheduled tasks data in DB, but I'm afraid of that will cause some other exceptions.

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Michal Samuhel answered on October 6, 2017 18:08

Hi Anton,

Have you considered using request scheduler for some time and disable key? Request scheduler uses context of last request and it might not create malformed request.

Still 416 exception is rather strange. We create a web client which than tries to reach scheduler page to trigger task collection. It takes credentials and page address if they are supplied from web config keys otherwise it uses default address ~/cmspages/scheduler.aspx and anonymous access.

Can you try setting up network monitoring on this page? It would be interesting to see why a request would be malformed. Another thing, that I can think of is to set a webClient object in some custom code a, make a request with client.DownloadData(url); and see in debug how is the request formed. We are not doing anything special in RunSchedulerRequest code and method is really simple with use of just mentioned .net object.

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