Saving page content and CSS issues.

Roy . asked on March 31, 2015 20:23

One of our clients reports issues related to saving and updating page content every once in a while. The issue they report is that when they have entered some content and saved it, it will sometimes only be saved partially.


When they store a page with the following content;

"This is some test content. This content is for testing purposes only. Lots of text goes here."

It sometimes is stored as;

"This is some test content. This content is for tes"

The biggest issue is that it only happens every once in a while, it doesn't happen on specific pages, during specific times, or anything else that can be tracked down as the actual cause of the issue.

Now, today I was working on one of our development sites, for a completely different client, and it seems that I finally had my own encounter with this issue. Or at least it's very similar.

What happened was the following;

  1. I was working on a CSS file in the CMS
  2. After updating the CSS file, I clicked the Save button
  3. I went to a tab that had the site running so I could test my updates
  4. What I saw was a site that was mostly broken
  5. I went back to my CSS file to see if I had accidentally added or removed an accolade or something near the last class I updated.
  6. What I noticed is that I couldn't find the class I updated at all, in fact, when I scrolled all the way down to the end of the CSS file, I noticed that it had cut off part of the CSS file completely.

Example of what happened;

.test-class { color: #000; }

.another-class { text-decoration: none; } [more CSS below here]

had in fact been stored as

.test-class { color: #000; }

.another-class { tex

Now, both sites are running Kentico 7. However, I have never encountered the issue myself besides the CSS issue I ran into today. Only one client seems to experiece this on a someone frequent basis, but we haven't been able to reproduce any of the issues ourselves.

Has anyone ever had similar issues like this? Is there a fix, and if so, what would that be?

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 31, 2015 21:43

Could be a couple things, but to start:

  • Are more than one person working in the stylesheet/page at a time? (last one out wins)
  • Are you working in a web farm environment? (caching between servers could be an issue)
  • Does the event log display any errors around the same time of the bad save?
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Roy . answered on March 31, 2015 22:13

When I experienced it I was the only person working on the stylesheet. Our client contact is pretty much the only person that works in their CMS. While they have other users, pretty much all of them fall in the category of people that haven't logged in in months / years / at all.

We're not working in a web farm environment. The event log shows nothing out of the ordinary. No exceptions, just the usual entries for when the document and stylesheet were saved.

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