Save data to custom module using a form on live site

Sid Chudasama asked on May 2, 2017 16:45


We have custom modules to store various data regarding different users. So i need a form where respective user can enter the data and save it. I tried custom registration form but there are few problems. 1. when i go to live site and try to register, it doesn't save data and doesn't throw any error. 2. The drop-downs created on the form based on custom module fields doesn't show any value on selection, they do show values if i open them but when i select them, they don't show the selected value neither do they show default value on load.

Something like these


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Sid Chudasama answered on May 2, 2017 19:38

Looks like i can't use custom registration form for these, it only saves data to cms.users instead of to the custom module that alternative form is referenced to. So is there any other way to do these?

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Roman Hutnyk answered on May 2, 2017 21:05

There are many ways to implement this.

I'd implement custom user control (or web part) with the layout and business logic you need.

If you want to stick with forms - create new form with fields you need and implement custom event handler for form item insert before or after event. Here are events you need. And here is how you could implement event handler.

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