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Alexander Kontsevoy asked on March 13, 2015 17:07

Hi! I developed custom module with custom class, that contains alternative form. But I can't understand how to represent this form on the page. And I can't found class data in Macro list. Can anybody share documentation about form representation on the page and how to find custom class in Macro list?

Thanks, Alexander

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Stephen Rushing answered on March 13, 2015 21:26

By "page", do you mean an admin page, like it has you create here? If so, you'd set that in Modules > Custom Module > User interface > Alternative form name.

If you mean a page in the live site's tree structure, that's a good question. Under the Web Parts app, there is a section called UI Webparts, which isn't listed when you try to add a web part to a page. I don't see any options on the zone, or bindings which assign it to a site. You have me curious.

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Alexander Kontsevoy answered on March 13, 2015 21:41

Stephen, thank you for the answer. When I told about "page" I mean "Design" section of Kentico where we can add web-parts. Try to add "Customer address" we-part from "E-commerce" section and open setting of this web-part. Here in "General" section you can choose "Address form".

I can't understand hoe to create my own web part that will give ability to select alternative forms from my module. Anyway, I didn't fount appropriate web-part for representation custom alternative forms.


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