RSS Feed - How To Save External Feed Results? (Kentico 8.2)

Deb Apprille asked on March 1, 2017 17:30


I am working on adding an external RSS feed to my Kentico 8.2 site. Currently the feed exists on my dev site – I am transforming the RSS to JSON and using AJAX to display the results.

I would like to save the items that come through the feed into an archive. I don't need anything complicated (such as mapping to a form and saving to a db). I would be totally fine with each item being saved as a text file and dynamically thrown into a single folder.

Here is a piece of the code I am using to render the results: $(document).ready(function() { $.ajax({ data:{format: "json"}, dataType: "jsonp", url: "", success: function(data) { -- results get built up here -- }

Is there a way I can tell Kentico to save this data dynamically as it comes through?

Thanks a lot,


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Zach Perry answered on March 1, 2017 18:09

Not sure how often the rss feed updates, but I would create a custom scheduled task that ran maybe once a day, and pulled in the data and stored it in a custom table. You should be able to lead the data using the SyndicationFeed class.

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 1, 2017 19:13

I agree with Zach on the scheduled task. Although I don't agree with just storing the archives in the file system, you're just asking for problems with this option. I'd take the results you get back and store them in a custom table. This way they are easily accessible and easy to work with later on.

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Deb Apprille answered on March 2, 2017 17:25

Thanks so much for your replies. You've convinced me to store the data in a custom table rather than just as files. I'll look into the scheduled task option... never worked with that feature before. Thanks again! -Deb

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