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sayali deshpande asked on April 6, 2016 12:15

I am working on Kentico 9 to create the banner for the site using Banner Rotator webpart by using Portal Engine. I was able to create the banner category and banner through banner management tool. But have some queries regarding the Banner Rotator web part. When I implement this webpart in my site , images are not rotating.We need to refresh page to load other images.

Even I have tried Image Slider also but it is not working with Kentico 9.

I want to Implement banner image carousel for my site.

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Felix Planjer answered on April 6, 2016 13:22

That it how the banner rotator works: It shows one random banner per request, not a 'slider' with all banners.

If you are looking for a 'slider' you can try to use the built-in webpart 'Content slider' or use a javascrip/jQuery based slider which you feed using a repeater (take a look at this solution:

regards, Felix

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Laura Frese answered on April 6, 2016 17:17

If you are using a slider banner - I like to create custom page types for the banner then use a repeater to show the banners. You can then use jQuery or any slider script to create the carousel / slider effect.

Having the page type allows you to create any structure for that page, then the editor can easily add that page type to the content tree and add the content into it.

Creating page types
Create transformation for the page
Displaying the data on the page
Slick slider

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