roles and global SKU binding

merav tg asked on May 3, 2016 18:05


as an administrator i can create products with new global SKU binding. i create a new role (with editor user) that can create products. BUT this option has disappeared, which permission is connected to it?

please advise, thank you

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Trevor Fayas answered on May 3, 2016 18:07

I think the issue is that only Global Administrators can modify global objects. By making the SKU Binding global, the system won't allow it to be managed by anyone other than the global admins.

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Fabian Emde answered on July 6, 2016 09:43

Hello Trevor Fayas,

we have custom fields included in SKU Pages, the Editor has to be able to edit our custom fields. How do we setup the roles and security to get this running? Is there a way to setup without global admin access?

Best regards,

Fabian Emde

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