Role Management hide the non accessible Cultures for a user or role in Pages

kumar GANJI asked on August 5, 2022 12:14

Hi Team,

In Role Management I have created separate roles for each culture in my site. User created with this roles are not able to Configure this cultures but now I even want to hide the other cultures which specific user doesn't have access to in Pages Application.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on August 5, 2022 12:47

Each user has to be assigned to languages they can work with. Go to Users > Select a user to edit > Languages tab and assign them to a language they should have edit rights to.

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kumar GANJI answered on August 5, 2022 15:17

Hi Juraj, we are also following the same but we want completely hide all other cultures displaying in the Bottom Left of pages application. As of Now user is able to see want are all the cultures present in the site. once he navigate to that culture it is showing you can't edit this culture. But we want to Show only the cultures he can Edit in the Left Bottom Culture List

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