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Radix Radixweb asked on September 17, 2014 10:04

Hello Team, We have Facing Issue on Roles Assigning Process and Context does not change according to role assigned. Case: When Admin try to assign role to specific User and at same time User is also logged in into the system then context of that user can not be change until User get logged out from the System and Login again.

In another case if admin assign role save it and remove the same role re-assign again at that time user context is reflected with all assigned roles.

So Can you help us to Solve this issue.

Thanks Radixweb

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Martin Danko answered on September 26, 2014 15:47

Hello Radix,

This is correct behavior and it's caused by the design. You can e.g. check on-line users and change the role when the user is not logged-in. The context of the user can't be changed on-the-fly while the user is logged.

Best regards, Martin

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