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jérôme l'Allier-Decary asked on April 7, 2023 17:44


I am trying to find a way to exclude a page from search engines in Kentico 13. I can see documentation for earlier versions as how to manage robots.txt (only for portal engine) and I was wondering if there was an equivalent for Kentico 13 Core. Maybe there is a simple option I am not seeing.

Thank you

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 8, 2023 07:40

The front end, live site is no longer served by Kentico but by your MVC5 or .NET Core app. This means this is fully under your control and you can use common techniques in MVC to build the robots.txt page. This is what I found on Google:

for MVC5
.NET Core

And there are many more, there is no single correct approach. From Kentico point of view, if you want to get the pages dynamically, I would use the page's API to retrieve the pages from Kentico and then apply your logic to build the robots.txt output.

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