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Greg Woz asked on October 22, 2014 16:21


Can you help me with resolution for following issue.

My team developed project under domain e.g. and for a such URL we have a Kentico licence and it is a default URL in Sites tab. Our IT Ops team has set up a project using Reverse Proxy so other URL displays .

All works fine except Smart Search results. Content is indexed correctly and we can see correct search results but as a link to particular subpage we can see URL:

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Roman Koníček answered on December 18, 2014 13:02

Hello Greg,

I would suggest to modify the transformation which you are using for displaying the search results. In this transformation you should just replace the current domain with the domain you need. If you are using ASCX transformation, you could simply create custom method as described here In case you are not using ASCX transformation, then you could implement custom macro method. More information could be found here

Regards, Roman Konicek

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