Retrieve an IEnumerable<string> from custom table via C# api

Targutai Yesugei asked on September 26, 2018 14:37


Need to retrieve an IEnumerable<string> of custom table's column values. I'm using


to retrieve all rows from table.
Now I need to get specific column values list.

I see that there is a SelectColumnsList) property which probably can help me, but the problem is that i can't imagine how to use it, i tried to google and kentico doc search but it didn't help.

Thank you in advance.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 26, 2018 14:49

.GetItems("className") is enumerable. It returns a ObjectQuery of generic CustomTableItem. So you need to loop through each of those records in order to get a specific record's column values. Then when you're in that record, you loop through the column values. See example below:

var tableItems = CMS.CustomTables.CustomTableItemProvider.GetItems("ClassName");
foreach (CMS.CustomTables.CustomTableItem cti in tableItems)
    string values = "";
    foreach (string columnName in cti.ColumnNames)
        values += cti.GetStringValue(columnName, "");
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Peter Mogilnitski answered on September 26, 2018 15:21 (last edited on September 26, 2018 15:34)

You can convert it to data set, I guess you will be more comfortable with it.

DataSet myDataSet = CustomTableItemProvider.GetItems("TableClassName")
                    .Columns("ColumnName1", "ColumnName2")
IEnumerable<DataRow> rows = myDataSet.Tables[0].AsEnumerable();`

P.S. Just in case Custom Table API

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