Restore Media Library from Recycle Bin or other server

Aaron Fickes asked on August 13, 2016 01:37

One of our clients deleted the media library. I first went to the Recycle Bin to restore from there. The "Library" restored, but none of the files. There are no other files in the Recycle Bin with today's date as 'Deleted Date'.

The next thought is to restore from another server. I have a development server that has 99% of the images required. So I exported the media library on the development server to a package in order to import into the production site.

However, it will not import. Going to Sites->Import Objects selecting nearly all choices available and overwriting, it acts as if it processes correctly, but when returning to the media libraries, there are no files/images/media. Also how do I get an object to show in the dialog box after selecting "Restore" from the elipsees dropdown next to the media library?

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Chetan Sharma answered on August 14, 2016 20:23

Hi Aaron,

Did you use the Kentico staging process to sync your media files from development server to the server which lost the media files?

I bet you don't have to go through this hassle. You can effortlessly sync all your media files through this. Ever tried?

Kentico 9 content staging

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Juraj Ondrus answered on August 15, 2016 09:23

Please check the Media_* database tables and also the file system. If there are the records about the media files in the DB, then you just need to copy the physical files over FTP to appropriate folder on the server's file system. No export/import is required. However, if there are no records in the DB, then the export/import should help - what were the settings? Was the option to export/import physical files selected? Is the folder structure of your media library the same as the target library?

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Aaron Fickes answered on September 13, 2016 00:10

Thanks for the help, but the client was down and needed help immediately. We were able to recreate the images in the media library since there were less than 100 images.

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