REST services permissions to read Workflow data

Christian Nickel asked on March 30, 2015 17:46

I've been heavily using the REST API available from Kentico to much success, but today I ran into an issue that I was unable to solve.

The CMSGlobalAdministrator role can easily access any object information, but a newly created role doesn't have the ability to access /rest/cms.workflow, in fact it returns with a 403 forbidden error. I've seen this issue in the past and was able to simply add the correct role permissions to read or write by selecting the module and checking the correct boxes. Though the "Workflow" module is missing from list of available modules in Role Permissons. There is a checkbox under Content for Manage Workflow, but that makes no difference when accessing this information.

I looked at the module settings for Workflow and was also unable to find anything there that would help. Specifically adding cms.workflow didn't make any difference either.

Any clue on how I could setup a role to have access to /rest/cms.workflow?

I'm currently running Kentico 8.2 Hotfix 11

Thanks, Christian

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