REST Service for Custom table Items

Chetan Sharma asked on April 30, 2015 10:28

Hello All,

I am using built in Kentico feature to get data for a custom table using REST API as described by this documentation

I had had fair success using this. The only problem I'm facing is When I start using Where clause.

Let's say I have a custom table with two columns City and State for all cities/state for USA. Now I would like to get Cities based on selected cities

So my Hashed URL will be like this,State&Where=State=%27IL%27

Now since this where clause will be dynamically generated, I am unable to get around by using a generic hash code for this. It will be difficult to hash all 52 urls. What is the way around to this problem or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Chetan

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 30, 2015 13:18

Have you not been able to use the authentication methods provided? That would be a better solution than hashing your URLs.

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