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Clyde Timbs asked on October 3, 2017 22:07

We have recently moved to Kentico 10, and in doind so, have been working through cleaning up a number of errors. One that is popping up regularly on the event log is:

Security check of the expression 'maxSideSize = 1366;

width = CurrentDevice.ScreenPixelsWidth; height = CurrentDevice.ScreenPixelsHeight;

if (!CurrentDevice.IsMobile || ((width > maxSideSize)||(height > maxSideSize))){ return false; }

return true;|(user)administrator|(hash)*******************' didn't pass. The expression was signed by user ''. Remove the signature and re-save the expression by a user with proper permissions.

We recently de-activated the accounts of users from the company that designed the original site for us. I am assuming since they likely created/signed the macros; this is the cause for the "signed by user ' '" issue. After reviewing the report section for macros, there are a large number that show invalid signatures.

Will resigning all macros resolve this issue? If I am a Global Admin, can I just do this from my account?

Thank You.

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Rui Wang answered on October 3, 2017 22:14 (last edited on October 3, 2017 22:15)

Yes, you should login as a global admin and go to System app to do a resigning of all macros. If the original administrator account was deleted, you may want to create a new generic global admin account.

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Clyde Timbs answered on October 3, 2017 22:22

So check the sign all macros box and check the use the current salt box?

If we have a development and production server, will this push through via staging or do I need to do this independently on each site?

Thanks, Clyde

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Rui Wang answered on October 3, 2017 22:29

Yes, check both an hit the button.

First, make sure all the user account matches in all environments so you don't get the macro error. Second, make sure all environments have the same salt in the web.config. Third, it's better to use the same account to resign the macro on each site independently, so you don't have to staging whole bunch of thing across when not necessary.

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