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Yang Wen asked on July 7, 2016 00:20

The requirement for a structured page contains a section with multiple pairs of content blocks made up of: a) problem statement b) a list of solution

We would like the problem statement and solution list to be entered via separate field (in order to enforce layout and styling).

Given there could be one or more of these content blocks, they can essentially be persisted as child content blocks to the page. How can this structure be setup as a custom page type?

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Anton Grekhovodov answered on July 7, 2016 07:57


Yes, you can use custom page type. There is a сontent only page type, so you can create some child pages as content only pages and add a repeater to parent page to display the children.

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Yang Wen answered on July 7, 2016 17:53 (last edited on July 7, 2016 17:55)

This seems to be only available in version 9. We're on 8.1

Also I'm not looking to require editor to create separate child pages, since that adds to the complexity of content creation.

I'm seeking out a solution where on the form input of a page, if there are repeating structured elements on that page, the form allows the creation of one or more of those elements.

I'm beginning to sense that the easiest way to accomplish this is to extend the CKEditor toolbar with a new button that will inject the HTML markup of the repeating elements. So rather than depend on Kentico CMS to create the data structure of these elements, I'll simply create them inline within a Long Text field.

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Rui Wang answered on July 7, 2016 19:59

Hi Yang You are thinking correctly in this case, without creating multiple parent and child nodes in the tree for this, there are two options I can think of. 1. the way your are thinking but by adding a custom button to the editor toolbar. 2. create a custom inline widget (similar to static HTML) which can store the "problem" and "solution" as a pair of content blocks. The only down side for inline widget in compare to a button that injects HTML is editor will not see the text in edit view (inline widget will only be displayed as an icon in the text box). They can see the text in preview.

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