Repeater custom query - how to send an email

victor ortiz asked on January 4, 2021 19:35

Hi, I'm new in Kentico , I'm currently using version 11. I'm trying to figure out how to send and email when a user clicks a button.

I have a page that is using a repeater with customer query , the page is working as it must, I have a transformation to display the returned data from the defined query in a table.

In the last column of the table I need a button that on clicks sends an email with some data of the record. so I dont even know how to start with this requeriment, any hint of how to do it would be appreciate.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on January 5, 2021 07:29

You will need to add some custom script to the transformation and execute some C# code to send the email. You will also need to add some logic which will get the desired data and compose the email message.
IT might be better to create a custom web part for this. In this web part you can use the QueryRepeater control to get the data in the same way as the current web part + in your custom web part you will add the logic for the button click to get the data you want, compose and send the email.

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