Refresh Database Didn't Update Page Type Icons

Sharon Parry asked on July 6, 2016 21:34


This is not an "issue" that I need to find a solution to, but I'm really curious why this happened and wondering whether anyone's got an explanation.

Project I'm currently working on has quite a few custom page types, and rather than just using the default icon that is set when the page type is created, I selected something more appropriate for each from the list of Bootstrap icons.

Site is currently running at a public url so that client can see it.

Yesterday I was doing quite a bit of development stuff in my local dev version of the site - which runs from database on local server. One of the things I did was change my mind about the page-type icons that I'd previously selected. I changed them for about 3 of the custom page types.

This morning I've completely refreshed the database running on the public server, which is the quickest way to refresh the site with all the modifications. Logged in to Admin, and everything was there - new page templates, transformations and so on.

BUT - the custom page types were still displaying the old icon!

At first I thought it was probably a cache issue, so cleared browser cache but it made no difference. Old icons were still displayed.

So checked what was set at Page types | General, and the OLD icon was still recorded there! I had to manually change the icon name and Save.

I had thought that completely refreshing the database would include the change I had recorded locally for the icon name, but it hadn't.

Anyone with an explanation?

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Trevor Fayas answered on July 6, 2016 21:45

That data should be in the database, so it should have changed. Did you confirm that your local instance had the correct icons set? were the icons files that also needed to push, or simply pointing to the Kentico Icon CSS Classes? Perhaps they default if no file found.

Best I can think of.

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Sharon Parry answered on July 6, 2016 21:51

Local database definitely had correct icons set. No, they weren't custom icon files - they were Bootstrap icons.

The only thing that I DIDN'T do was to manually clear the cache or restart the app (ie, via the System app). Didn't even think to do it, because just assumed with a complete update of the database everything would have updated.

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