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K Fisher asked on September 11, 2014 15:10

Hi, Ive a test website built in Kentico 8.1 and uses the accordian web part which comes with Kentico. My query is how you'd set the initial height of the Accordian device? Ive noticed when an accordian contains more than 16 or more items not all of the slides are visible in one go (not because its in a div which scrolls, the slides themselves are not shown.

When I select one of the lower slides (to open) the bottom of the accordian becomes visible, but will not respond to any interaction via mouse.

Has anyone else come across this or managed to override whatever is restricting the initial height of the accordian?

I appreciate any thoughts. As an aside, the website isn't available on the internet yet otherwise Id post a URL.

Many thanks

Kate Fisher

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Sandro Jankovic answered on December 2, 2014 13:11

Hi Kate,

This sounds like an issue with CSS specific to your site or instance - have you tried using FireBug or Chrome Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) to check which styles are being applied to the accordion? Also, is the number of panes set correctly in the Number of panes property for the Web part? Are you able to reproduce the issue in the sample Corporate site under Examples > Web parts > Layouts > Accordion Layout? I have just tested using 50 panes and they were all displayed correctly and were clickable.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,


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