Recommendations to replace removed AutomaticContactMerger class in Kentico 10

John Kane asked on July 12, 2017 00:17


We upgraded an 8.2 website that uses the AutomaticContactMerger Class through to Kentico 10 which no longer contains that class. The API Changes reference guide notes the feature as being removed but does not suggest alternatives to contact merging.

What is your recommendation for upgrading code that used the AutomaticContactMerger class?

For example, our project had implemented overrides to extend that class and provide custom logic such as:

public class CustomContactMerger : AutomaticContactMerger  { //...
  protected override string GetWhereCondition( //...
  protected override ContactInfo MergeWithinSite( // ...

We are looking for an way to use the Kentico 10 API to do contact merging similar to what could be done up to Kentico 9 with the class.

Thank you,

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 13, 2017 17:25

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