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Chetan Sharma asked on January 8, 2015 13:00

Hello All,

We are trying to build a generic / reusable solution using Kentico. Our requirement is like this. I am taking an analogy to capture my thoughts. Suppose I have to provide a solution to So we would create specific webparts(News,Vides, Gallery, Menus), templates and layouts for Now for each franchise/team of we will spin up another website using existing templates and would configure it to customize this website to suit them.

First of all is it possible to create a near/close genreic solution for our requirement. What best practices can I follow while creating my base website so that there are minimum no of dependent hooks i.e while spinning up a new website it should have minimum reference to main website.

We will provide them all templates and webparts and they would be able to add any new if they want. The idea is to spin up base website very easily and then be able to top up it with newer customizations.

Any directions/suggestion on this will be highly appreciated.

Regards, Chetan

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 8, 2015 16:54

Hey Chetan,

Have you read the documentation on creating website templates? What I'd do is create an install totally new from what you have to do some testing to see what happens when you create a template, create a new site using the template and try to export a site. This will give you a better picture of what happens and what you can and can't or shouldn't include.

There are many ways to do this. For instance, I have a template that is setup to have all the settings configured the way I need/want, only includes minimal templates and layouts, has a default stylesheet (empty actually) and sets a master page with a template. I use this every time I start a new website. Pretty generic but saves me about 2 hours each time.

If you're creating sub sites, I'd imagine you'd want to include some page templates maybe a reference to a "global" type stylesheet that has the overall layout of the site (responsive, normalize, etc.) and maybe set some default settings.

To better understand what can and can't be included at the site level, take a look at your current site and see what Assigned Objects are already included or what you can exclude. If it's not in that list, then it's considered global.

Good luck!

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