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Charles Matvchuk asked on November 7, 2014 03:58

As a Kentico Fan and developer I, at times, need to scan the questions and answers section in order to solve or get assistance with a problem or a challenge. A lot of the time, I see someone else asking the same questions or similar question. Then they will indicate, "OK thanks for the help I figured it out", etc. Or the thread goes dead without resolution, assumedly. That's great, but it would really helpful if you could post your solution, code, epiphany, etc. Or mark one as the answer. This helps out the whole community. Just my thoughts.

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Martin Danko answered on November 21, 2014 17:56

Hi Charles,

You are right, it would be really helpful if people would also return back and post their solution... I sometimes ask for that too because it can help somebody else in the future as well.

So I definitely agree with you and thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community! I believe that our internal team responsible for DevNet portal is also preparing some new features that will help us all to keep DevNet portal tidy and usable as much as possible so stay tuned! I'm personally looking forward to some of them :)

Best regards, Martin

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