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John Smith asked on October 12, 2017 23:07


Is it possible to use the query data source and filter as widgets on a basic repeater widget? I ask because the DataSourceName for repeater asks for web part control ID and the query data source asks for filter name which is filter web part control ID and widgets don't have these fields avaliable? Is this not possible?


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Matt Nield answered on October 13, 2017 11:21 (last edited on October 13, 2017 11:21)

I think the basic answer is no, that's not possible. These components were designed to act as web parts rather than widgets. Its my understanding that the level of interaction with the web parts required happens at a different stage of the ASP.NET page life cycle to that of widgets; and that the linking of events would not work correclty.

If someone knows any different to that, I'd be happy ot know. :)

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 13, 2017 15:40

I'd stick with Matt's answer BUT I'd also try it.

Create 3 new widgets with those webparts and make sure the webpart control ID is available to fill in. The problem I think you'll end up having is you won't know what that webpart control ID will be when you place the widget on the page. That ID is automatically assigned when the widget is placed on the page.

A better approach would be to create your own webpart with those 3 controls on it already, then make a widget instance out of it, then make those properties you need publicly available in the widget and assign those webpart IDs in the background.

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