Public form which creating request for page (with concrete page type) creation.

Targutai Yesugei asked on August 21, 2017 10:12


I want to create public form, with following requirements.

  1. After form submitting, request for a page(with concrete page type)creation should be sent.
  2. Content manager approve or not this request.
  3. Page with concrete field values should be created if request was approved.

I know there is a workflow mechanics in Kentico, but i didn't found if forms could be used in it.

Thank you in advance.

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Trevor Fayas answered on August 21, 2017 15:28

Workflows in the Non EMS license are primarily for moving page editing along certain steps. What you want is more along the lines of marketing automation that comes with the EMS.

That being said, you don't need to use the marketing automation, but you may need to register a couple custom global event hooks depending if you need to automatically create this approvable content.

Create your form and use the Email Notification to send an email to the manager of the request. Then from there you would have to be more specific, if it's just something along the line of "If you approve this request, create a concrete page" then just include that in the email and the manager can sign in and create the page himself, if you need to automate it then you can catch the BizForm form submission event, check if it's your Concrete approval step, and then use Kentico's API to make an "unapproved" concrete page, and then the manager can go and approve it or what not.

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Targutai Yesugei answered on August 22, 2017 06:01

Thank you. Actually we use first scenario, when content manager creates page himself, but i thought i can make his life a bit easier. I'll try your advice.

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