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Jessica Sandvold asked on February 24, 2014 16:28

Hi - We are currently looking to implement a product reviewing system on our website and we have looked at BazaarVoice and Power Reviews, but both are extremely pricey and since we do not actually sell products online I think we are looking for a more simple tool. We have tried out the BazaarVoice Express 30 day trial and while it seems to meet many needs at $199/month, their templates are not good fits and the ability to customize the review template does not exist. In order to be able to update or customize anything you are looking at between $500-$1000 per template and we are just not willing to sink that kind of money into templates.

Our need: We want to have a star rating on each product page We want customers to be able to leave a review headline (title) and type in their own review We like the idea of Pros and Cons check boxes We would like a user to be able to upload an image and/or link to a video

anything beyond that would be great.

Looking for suggestions and input. I know Kentico has a review tool, but I am having trouble finding any examples of it on websites that are live and using it.

Thanks for the help! Jessica

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Juraj Ondrus answered on February 25, 2014 02:29


Kentico has the content rating module and you can use it along with message boards that are widely used for this. Or, you can also use the ad-hoc forums for this purpose.

Best regards, Juraj Ondrus

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