Product Option - SKU Pricing Adjustment - Percent or Fixed

Jason D asked on May 2, 2016 21:23

What do I need to do to customize a Product SKU Option Price Adjustment so that it calculates based on Percent or Fixed?

These are what I'm assuming: 1) Adjust the "SKU Price Adjustment" CMS field by removing "USD" label. 2) Add a field that allows the choice of "Percent" or "Fixed" (Defaulting "Percent") 3) Intercept the pricing calculation (CMS or Live Site) and run a formula that uses the SKU's Price Adjustment (% or $) and the SKU's Volume Discount.

I'm trying to put these steps into Kentico customization plan, and am having troubles.

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Trevor Fayas answered on May 4, 2016 05:18

Sorry i missed answering this one.

Did you see the feature of Kentico's Order Discount? This can adjust the price based on Percent or fixed, and it has "further conditions" which is a macro.

There's a "Shopping cart contains products" option in the macro generator which allows you to select 1 or more products, so you could add one of these per product to make it truly a single sku item.

Try fiddling around with that, i think that's where you need to go!

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Jason D answered on May 4, 2016 17:05

Hi Trevor, thanks for the reply.

I'll take a look at Order Discounts and the macros. If I can use that based on SKU pricing views on the product page and cart, then that should work. Thanks.

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