Product option and variant images and other custom properties

Odysseas Triantafyllos asked on November 6, 2014 19:31

Kentico 8.1 does not seem provide a way to add custom properties (data) to product options and variants as described on this uservoice feature request ( At least I didn't find any.

What is a recommended way to add the ability to assign an image or any other property to a product option or a product variant?

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Odysseas Triantafyllos answered on November 7, 2014 17:17

I'm trying to do what is suggested in Petr Vozak's reply in uservoice, by adding an alternative form to Variant Option class (code name: ecommerce.variantoption) but the alternative form is not shown on Pages -> Product name -> Variants -> Variant edit form.

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Josef Dvorak answered on November 21, 2014 13:41

Hi Ulysses,

The Alternative form used for the variant details is called "Variant properties", and has code name UpdateVariant. If you did not find form with this exact code name in the list of SKU Alternative forms, then you will need to create it. However if the Variant details show up correctly for you right now, then the Alternative form should be there.

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