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Navin Valera asked on August 20, 2015 15:47


I have using some custom fields in product listing. But, I can not access those fields in custom filter.

E.g. I can access SKUPrice in my custom filter to filter the product list in given price range.

I have created new filed with name "Color". I can not access field in my where query.

Can you please help me to solve this issue?


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Josef Dvorak answered on August 31, 2015 16:08

Hello Navin,

Just to clarify, have you defined the field as part of the SKUInfo object, in:

Development -> Modules -> E-commerce -> Classes -> SKU

The where condition is executed directly on the SQL server, so as long as the Field name matches, it should filter the returned data. Are you seeing any SQL exceptions in the Event log that would suggest the field name is incorrect?

Could you please post the code where you build the where condition?

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