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Ben Knight asked on August 1, 2017 11:28

In the Product coupons section of E-commerce, there is an option of "All products except for these" for the coupon to apply to.

If I list no exceptions I would except the coupon to then be able to be used on every product and the discount be taken in, this however is not the case. (I am aware of catalog discounts etc but I would like this coupon to be given and used between a certain time for certain people)

When selecting this option does Kentico expect at least a product to be listed for exclusion for it to be applied to everything else?

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Ben Knight answered on September 4, 2017 17:16

Sorry for the late update - Upon further inspection of the issue it turned out from previous custom code had created an issue by ordering a check statement.

After stripping back the work, the default functionality worked as expected and is what I was after

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Antti Eikonsalo answered on August 1, 2017 13:33

Hi Ben!

You should be able to set up the product coupon to apply to all products by creating a product coupon without specifying any products to be excluded. I was able to set up the discount properly on Kentico versions 8.2.50, 9.0.50 and 10.0.29.

Could you please provide more specific steps how you are configuring up the product coupon? Perhaps we are missing something.

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Ron Adams answered on August 1, 2017 16:18

At the moment I'm thinking about creating a large online store on many pages. Tell me than Kentico as CMS is better than WP like here or Opencart?

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Antti Eikonsalo answered on August 1, 2017 16:42

Hi Ron!

If you would like more detailed information on how Kentico EMS would suit your project, I would recommend contacting our sales department. You can also request a 1-on-1 demo.

I would like to mention that in Kentico 11 there will be an integration with UCommerce to provide stronger, enterprise-level e-commerce capabilities. You can check out this video to find out more about it.

P.S. It would be good to post questions as their own threads. This way it will be easy for other people to find the information as well.

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