Problem running smart searches in MVC

Christian Sinschek asked on February 27, 2018 17:37

I am having trouble getting a smart search's results to display in an MVC site, probably because the index itself is not created, but searched for in the MVC application.

I have a running MVC application, and now I followed the steps described based on the learning application to add smart search to my site. I create an index and checked with preview mode that it does indeed work. Then I installed the integration package on my MVC site. When I ask the SearchIndexInfoProvider, it can find the index in question, but it does not match anything. I inspected the SearchIndexInfo to find that CurrentIndexPath is set to a location beneath my MVCproject, which however does not contain a SmartSearch subfolder.

From here on I figured that either the issue might be with web farm configuration, but I cannot find good information on how the configuration is supposed to look with MVC, only that it is supposed to be automatic. Or it might be problems with access rights of the web server to the App_Data folder.

My web farm app shows me only one farm server, which is named after my computer (which hosts Kentico 11 and the MCV application on ISS Express on two different ports.). This seems wrong, as I expect there should be 2 web farm servers, as indicated in the "licensing for MVC applications" scenarios documentation page.

Access rights of the web server to the App_Data folder could also be a problem, because the project is located on a different logical drive, but I do not see any errors in the event log that would indicate issues, the website is running fine otherwise.

How could I investigate further?

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