Prevent welcome emails from being sent.

Aaron Fickes asked on March 25, 2015 20:32

I have a client that is not wanting the CMS to send out welcome emails. Do you know where I can turn this setting off in Kentico v8?

Thanks, Chris Isom

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 25, 2015 20:39

Guessing by "welcome" email you mean after a successful registration? If so, in the Registration webpart, simply uncheck the box that says "Send welcome e-mail", should solve your problem.

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Aaron Fickes answered on March 25, 2015 21:32

Thanks. - Chris Isom

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Aaron Fickes answered on April 9, 2015 00:22

I have a little more clarity on the request from my client. They are manually adding the user in the CMS and it is sending out the Welcome email to the newly created user.I have disabled the sending of a welcome email through the registration form, but my client would like to disable this for manually entered users as well. Is there a way to turn this off?

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