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Monjoie Dominique asked on August 2, 2017 15:53


we are two different persons working with this CMS. My preferred user interface culture is English - USA and my colleague works under French - France. Our preferred content culture is French - France for both of us.

When I copy-paste a decimal number in a field of type Double, all is OK but when my colleague wants to save a document after doing the same thing, the system tells her that his value is not a number; in Belgium, decimal separator is a comma, so it's necessary to replace the dot separator between unities and decimals by a comma to be able to save the record.

Is there a way (first, I thought about a French - Canada preferred interface culture to get the decimal point separator instead of the comma) to allow my colleague to save her datas without replacing each time the point by a comma.

I'm not sure it's very clear to undestand what I mean but I don't know how to explain in a better way.

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Trevor Fayas answered on August 2, 2017 16:52

Very interesting situation!

You may need to utilize a custom form control to be honest, i am not sure if there is something that can know to switch it back and forth otherwise.

If it's as simple as a textbox with the value in it, you would just overwrite the Value property's Get to do a quick check on the current user's culture (LocalizationContext), and replace commas with periods. You'll have to do some testing to make sure it behaves the way you want to.

If you aren't comfortable making a custom form control, tell us and we can try to help further.

Not sure if there is an In Kentico way of doing this though.

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Monjoie Dominique answered on August 7, 2017 11:56


Thanks for your quick answer. I'm not very familiar with the development of custom form control but I will try to understand what's behind the code in your link.

I have also asked to the Kentico support if there is a way to change the config of the language fr-Fr ?

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