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Darren Sandbach asked on March 8, 2018 15:48


We are on v9, soon to be v11.

I want to allow a user to check if they are eligible for something, with eligibility defined by the postcode they live in.

On the initial check, I want them to submit name, email address and postcode. On submission, this will check against a simple list of postcodes.

If the submitted postcode is in the list, they get a congrats message and we'll capture a little more detail from them. On submission of this page an email should be generated and sent to an inbox. If they don't submit this page, we'd still like to store the data from the previous page so we can get back in touch should we need to.

If a postcode is not on the list, they get a sorry message but can submit details for a different scheme which go to a different inbox.

From a review of Kentico, it seems to me this is potentially possible out of the box, but rather than flounder around I wanted to check in with the community - should this be something Kentico supports, or should I work on the basis of custom development?



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Brenden Kehren answered on March 8, 2018 16:08

This could probably happen using personas and marketing automation tools built into Kentico EMS but if you don't have the EMS license you won't be able to utilize any of these functions and features.

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Darren Sandbach answered on March 8, 2018 16:11

Thanks Brenden, appreciate that. I seem to have the marketing automation and persona apps in my installation and available.

I'll have a look into it - only started using the system a few weeks back so flying a little blind at the moment!

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 8, 2018 16:18

If you look in the License app, it will tell you what license you have.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on March 8, 2018 16:22 (last edited on March 24, 2018 12:16)

It is possible. You need to play with form settings: General-> After the form is submitted -> redirect to URL and Email notification. They both work with macros and you can access form fields in macro. The only thing is you can't send email or not based on some condition. Form will always send notification email, but you can put a macro in Recipient emails:

{%GlobalObjects.CustomTables["customtable.ValidPostCodes"].Items. Where("PostCode='" + PostalCode + "'").Count > 0? : UserEmail: "" %}

UserEmail and PostalCode are fields in the submitted form. All form data submitted by user are available on 'redirect to URL' page, so you can use macros there to show your message etc. After form submission the information is always recorded in table Form table, regardless weather postal code is good or bad.

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