Possible to set order status on MarkCartAbanonded.Execute()?

Robert Locicero asked on April 22, 2024 18:11

I read that the Marking carts as an abandoned system does not change any indicators, but instead kicks off marketing automation when set up like, emails, etc.

I want to modify the MarkCartAbandoned.Execute() to take the ShoppingCartID and match it with the current Order and set the Order status to my custom status, Abandoned by creating a new OrderStatusUserInfo and assigning it to the order.

On this example, it shows how to modify every method except the Execute.

Can I override it, if so can you point me to examples of someone doing so? Or is there a better place to implement my desired effects? Maybe a scheduled task that instead takes all pending orders, and if they are a certain amount of time old, change their status to Abandoned

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