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Ben Reynolds asked on January 24, 2018 01:34

Has anyone successfully integrated a point-of-sale system with a Kentico e-commerce site? We sell merchandise primarily through our website but there are several annual events where we sell items at our booth and need a way to take CC payments and keep inventory in sync.

We've looked at several solutions such as Square, Shopkeep and others but haven't found one that is known to work with Kentico so I'm curious to see if other users have advice on POS systems to consider (or avoid).

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Trevor Fayas answered on January 24, 2018 05:04

Not personally no, however here's some things to think on.

  1. Since Kentico is a website, it would be possible to just use the Kentico order system to create orders manually at the 'checkout' and hand punch in the credit card OR create a custom payment gateway and use the POS API.
  2. You could try to sell items in some POS system and import the orders into Kentico. Easier on Kentico 11, but doable on all, Kentico's API documentation shows how to with purely code create an order and processes it, but that would require either saving / transfering the credit card info (bad) or the authorization token (good) or simply setting the order as paid/complete if the POS took care of it.
  3. Create an API within Kentico that the POS can integrate with, but this would depend on the Point of Sales system.
  4. It looks like most Kiosk Apps center around just presenting a locked down In-Browser checkout, so you can leverage that and make a one page checkout in Kentico and hook the Kiosk app to it.

Option #4 is most likely what you'll want to do, just looking at the top 20 kiosk softwares, seems most push for this way.

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