Permission to access Search - Azure module

Andy Bochmann asked on May 9, 2020 02:02


I'm trying to give a user role access to the Search - Azure module. It seems like almost any other module can be selected from the Permission module list, but Search or Search - Azure are not part of it. I can see the Search related items on the UI personalization tab, but enabling it there still won't give a user role access, without the permission to access that module.

If I look at the Search and Search - Azure module in the Modules application, I can see that no Permission names have been defined for those. Because it's an installed module, I'm not able to modify the permissions either.

I wonder why this limitation exists or do I miss something?

Thanks, Andy

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on May 9, 2020 02:39

The search module is only available by global admins that I'm aware.

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