password reset w/o AuthenticationHelper.ForgottenEmailRequest (Kentico 11)

gregor von Venera asked on October 30, 2018 10:19

Hi all,

I would like to generate password reset url in webpart, but I would like to send it from external system, not Kentico. So I cannot use AuthenticationHelper.ForgottenEmailRequest.

I saw there is UserManager.GeneratePasswordResetTokenAsync, but thats for MVC development and I need something that works for portal dev.

Thank you, Grega

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on October 30, 2018 16:36 (last edited on October 30, 2018 17:57)

For portal normally it should be already done in one of web parts (Logon form web part already has it). I suggest you take a look at existing web parts (logon and registration web parts). They are in \CMS\CMSWebParts\Membership\Logon\ if you are looking for the code.

I guess what you are looking for is AuthenticationHelper.GetResetPasswordUrl

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gregor von Venera answered on October 31, 2018 08:06

Thank you for you answer, but this doesn't seem to work. I get back url: http://localhost:8080/CMSModules/Membership/CMSPages/ResetPassword.aspx

It doesn't have any token to identify what user requested password reset.

And additional question: why is this page (.../CMSModules/Membership/CMSPages/ResetPassword.aspx) opened to public? It's styled like Kentico backend interface, yet it was accessible to me, even when I wasn't signed in as administrator.

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Daniel Main answered on October 7, 2019 18:21

I too am having the same issue,

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