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Ryan Kilgore asked on October 22, 2020 16:46

Is there a way to have a password-protect a page through a single, global password (similar to Wordpress' "Password Protected" setting)?

I know that there's the Page > Security option in the editor to make a page require authentication, but I'm currently looking for a solution that doesn't involve creating user accounts.

The current use case is:

  • Webinar and conference attendees receive the password with their materials
  • Attendees can use this single password to visit the website to access videos and documents specific to that year's conference

Sharing of the single password isn't a big deal as none of the material is sensitive, but I've been tasked with finding a password-protected solution nonetheless.

If there's no simple solution in the page settings, would I be able to achieve this through hiding/showing various zones based on a text input on the page?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

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David te Kloese answered on December 10, 2020 09:41

Did you manage to solve this?

We had created something similar for this in the past. We just had a custom Web Part that would fire up a password box. if not entered successfully the rest of the page would not load.

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Ryan Kilgore answered on December 10, 2020 15:33

Hello David!

Yes, although we ended up solving it by deciding to indeed use individual user accounts for attendees, rather than a global password. At that point using Kentico's built-in account authentication and page security worked nicely.

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