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David Pearson asked on December 4, 2015 20:09

I have a custom page type called a Collection. The collection has fields for Collection Name, Brand, and description.

I have another custom page type called Floor. The Floor contains data like color name, FloorType, SellingStyle, SellingColor etc…

On the front end I have a page for each collection. Each collection can have child pages for each floor.

Problem: I need to display all of the collections with the list of floors per each collections.. Can I do this using a repeater or do I need to use VS to create a custom control (presentation and query data) to query the parent with the child page data for presentation?

I am sure I can do this quickly using ascx (did it already), but how do I create this within Kentico 8.x without dropping into Visual Studio.. Looking for documentation, blog post or guide on advance parent / child transformation.

Thanks David

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 4, 2015 20:27

As Josh mentioned use a Hierarchical/Universal Viewer to accomplish this. I'd highly recommend staying away from nested repeaters for performance reasons.

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Joshua Adams answered on December 4, 2015 20:22

You could use a hierarchical transformation, or you can use a normal repeater with a nested repeater. There are a good bit of options to go with. Are you creating just a list of them with links to the specific floor/collection or brining in more data than that?

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