Pagebuilder issue on Xperience

Chandra Bhattarai asked on July 15, 2021 18:29

I have been setting up a new website on xperience 13 MVC 5 butthere are some problems seen:

When i browse the page having pagebuilder then it is hitting the controller but when i try to open from the 'page' tab in CMS.

  • Then the 1st problem is it is not hitting that controller while debug from 'page' tab of CMS admin
  • Instead of hitting to own view , It is looking path inside Shared and the error message is like this:

The view on path '/Views/Shared/PageTypes/MyApplication_WidgetPage.cshtml' could not be found and there is no page template registered for selected page.

but i have view with this path '/Views/WidgetPage/Index.cshtml' and it's being called from front end (browsing) but no luck from CMS 'Page' tab

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