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Dominic Tse asked on October 9, 2018 07:07

In Kentico back office, there is a Page view report under the Reports tab. How is page view calculated? There is no documentation on page view is calculated in Kentico. It appears to be different from Google Analytics - Page view count.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 9, 2018 08:19

Hi Dominic,
There are differences between Kentico reports and Google analytics - these metrics cannot be exactly the same as both are using bit different variables. As per the web analytics reports documentation the Page views report shows how many times the given page was accessed by the website's visitors during the specified time interval. So, basically in the DB are stored hits when given page is loaded in the browser.

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Dominic Tse answered on October 10, 2018 01:03

Thanks Juraj.

Is it possible to be able to combine or display both Kentico web analytics and Google web analytics results in Kentico back office? I thought it would be nice to see all web analytics in a web site.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 11, 2018 13:40

I am afraid but there is no out of the box integration. This would require creating a custom module interface in which you will use GA API to get the data from Google and then also Kentico API to get the reports from the DB into one place.

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