Page Type: when new document with this type is created, trigger an action/invoke a delegate to allo

Sergiu Filip asked on December 5, 2014 23:00

I intend to create a new "special" page type, and where such a type is being associated with a new document in the content tree, to programmatically create some children docs, with pre-canned content, certain attributes, etc.

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Sergiu Filip answered on December 6, 2014 00:11

I actually meant to ask if there is a more efficient way rather than using global handlers; I implemented something similar back in 5.5R2, to do some “post-creation” processing of a given document (as per suggestion Martin gave in here ) However, I was thinking of programmatic constructs attached to the document/page type itself – as a slicker and more efficient way (we are a heavy implementation with thousand sites and hundred simultaneous admin/CMSDesk users) of doing this. Is that possible in K8.1 ?

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 6, 2014 03:46

Based on what you're saying about sites and users, I'd recommend a global handler because that is where you can catch all the info and events you need for that page type. Using a global handler isn't a hack by all means, its recommended and they work very well and have a lot of improvements since 5.5r2.

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